Sunday, May 30, 2010

Big Cod/Striped Bass Day

Headed out with Steve and his boys for a half day Cod and half day Striped Bass Fishing. What a day it was, gorgeous weather with a mild SW breeze to start the morning. We arrived at the Cod grounds to find a fleet of 60 or so boats but that did nothing to dampen our spirits or the bite. Ended up filling a box of nice Cod largest being over 40lbs in short order. We then headed inshore to finish day with some Striped Bass, made bait and caught some nice Stripers, smallest being 25lbs and largest close to 40lb. All in all a great day of fishing with a really fun group to have on board. I think this groups' next adventure will either be School Bluefin or Sharks. Thanks to all who make this happen including my mate, Mike, who makes my job ALOT easier.

Capt. Mauro

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cod/Haddock Deep Sea Fishing Report

Headed out today with Lou and his sons from Long Island. We decided to hit a couple of inshore spots on our way out, well it was a good move, the Cod and Haddock were there, we did have to fish through many 'shorts' but the keepers were coming over the gunnels at a fairly consistent rate. It was a great day to drift as the gentle SE breeze made for confortable conditions and by the end of the day Mike had his hands full with filleting. Thanks to Lou and his boys for sticking with it and the prize, plenty of fresh fillets that will last them quite a while. On the report side, the Mackeral are here, we were marking them in good numbers so it will not be long before big hungry Striped Bass are chasing them. Will be moving boat up to Newburyport this week to do our summer Striped Bass charters off the Merrimac, please visit website for information and prices if you'd like to get out after them.


Capt. Mauro

Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 1st Fishing Report

Headed out to Stellwagon with long time regulars Sue, Dan, Carlene, Chip, Lisa and Terry. You could not ask for better day to be on the water as it was just as calm as could be. Hit the Cod grounds to find a fleet of 100 or so boats and Nets everywhere, boy did that change things quickly as the easy lock n load fishing was today a slow pick, we did manage quite a bunch of nice market sized Cod but really had to work for them, the crew was great as its alot of work to keep picking up and moving to stay on the schools. Later in the day we decided to take a run to the North with. We hit a couple of spots with limited results. Packing it up and heading in I noticed a little hump on the chartplotter about halfway to home so we made a quick stop there and 'Bang' hit em good, nice sized Cod and some of the largest Haddock I have ever caught before, that stop ended the trip on a very positive note. Great day on the water with a fun bunch to take out.

Capt. Mauro