Monday, August 25, 2008

Fishing Report August 24th, 2008

Well it's been tough keeping up with these weekly reports, but here goes.  The Bluefishing has been outstanding in Ipswich Bay, it seems every trip we are catching one after another. Lots of fun for anglers.  The Striped Bass has hit the August doldrums a bit but we still managed quite a few keeper Bass on every trip thus far.  The Cod/Haddock are still out on Jeffrey's in good numbers and we've been targeting them around the area of the ridge with success.   We finally managed a Tuna trip this week and ended up with a very respectable 125lber. caught on the troll down off Stellwagon.  There are loads of fish down there and they are on the feed, so its TUNA TIME!!!  There are also plenty of big Blue Sharks moving onto the ledges and we will start targeting them in the next week or two....Stay tuned.  With fall around the corner the water temps will start to fall and the fish will become hungry, that's why I love fall fishing.  Till next week, take care and tight lines....Capt. Mauro

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fishing Report August 10th, 2008

As has been the case the Striped Bass action has been red hot leading up til last week, with many 40"+ Bass coming into the boat. Since the beginning of the year we have been lucky enough to have Mackeral here to use as live bait, but all that changed this past week as the Bluefish have invaded our local waters. They are here in outstanding numbers....Now is the time to go after these fun fighting fish. Giant and School Bluefin Tuna have also come in and we will begin targeting them this week. We will continue to run inshore Striped Bass and Bluefish trips as long as the fish stay. Starting Sept. 1st it will be offshore Tuna time!!! If you cannot get together six friends to share the price of a full day charter, please give me a call or shoot me an email and we'll see if we can either put together a shared trip or we'll also be running a per person Bluefin Tuna rate....Call for details. As always tight lines and safe fishing.
Capt. Mauro