Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fishing Report 8/27/09

The Tuna fishing has been very good for the past two weeks,  many surface feeds creating quite a stir in most of the charters.  This week we had three trips,  first on out with Ralph and Tom with their two boys paid off with a nice 67"er.  Great job on the rod to them.  Next trip out we had multiple bites with fish of the same size.   Fish were everywhere crashing baits on surface with reckless abandon and then on Thurs. evening it was like someone flipped a switch because come Fri. morning we left the dock with Matt's group and the ocean was blank, nothing, nil.  It is absolutely amazing how these fish can move off.  That's fishing....   Hopefully they'll come back.  There is still plenty of bait around and the whales shows this year have been incredible.  On the inshore scene the Bluefish are in thick and  now is the time to target them.   Striped Bass fishing seems to be going through its summer doldrums but as the water temps cool they should become more active.  

Til next tide.

Capt. Mauro

Monday, August 10, 2009

8/10/2009 Fishing Report

Had quite a few Striped Bass trips this week.  They are still around and hungry as many Bass over 36" came onto the boat.  The Mackeral are still around and in very good numbers so it's the same setup as we've been doing all year.  Dena's group on Saturday were very patient and well rewarded with some big Bass.  On Sunday we were 40 miles out on a Shark Charter with Michael Harding and group.  It was first time on ocean for a few of them but they were troupers and rewarded with some very large and VERY hungry Blue Sharks.  Of course with Billy and myself every offshore adventure turns into a Tuna trip in one form or another so while we were chumming for sharks on one side of the boat we flew the kite with a livie on the other,  about noon time fish alarm on sounder goes off and Billy walks inside boat to take a look, say "Hey Mauro what do these look like?"  I reply back " those are Tuna" and as the last word is leaving my mouth the Live bait gets completely inhaled by one that was just seconds ago 75 feet deep....Game on.  Mike gets strapped into the harness and puts the fish to rest after about 45 minutes...Well done, Sushi for all tonight.  As for the sharks, we started chumming again and they started hitting everything in the water with many of them going 9-10 feet long.  Great couple days of fishing,  The tuna are here and in close, let's go......
Til next time.
Capt. Mauro