Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oct. 14th Fishing Report

Fished the past two days with charter group up from Connecticut. Great bunch of guys and all fishermen to boot. Found plenty of boats at the NWC Sunday morning so we trolled towards the Southeast, I want to find some of our own water to work, can't handle trolling in fleet of 150 boats. All by ourselves we find some fish and Bang!!! Swimmer goes off, all hands do their job and Tim slips on belt and begins a 20 minute fight. See color and we're ready to gaff when POP and plug comes back Without the fish, oh well....Been there done that!....Set back in and within 10 minutes we're on again but this time fish gets the gaff and we're on the board. Marked well for the rest of the morning but no love. Back out yesterday and there's wayyyy less boats, bite goes off just before slack and within an hour and half we've had three fish to the boat, one for dinner two get the tag. Again quiet the rest of the day. All fish hitting swimmers. Couldn't get a sniff on anything up top whereas in previous trips it was the sluggos and the Ocean Lure halfbeak plug that was taking em'. Well be back out this week and will continue with the reports. We're gonna fish these well into November as the Kelly Ann is built for foul weather and I always keep the heat on in the cabin...I hate the cold!
Capt. Mauro DiBacco

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fishing Report Oct 4th, 2008

In a  word,  Tuna,  the Bluefin Tuna bite is really on right now and will most likely stay that way until well into November,  this week we got out twice and both trips were steady solid action, many hookups and fish brought to the boat.  We are mostly trolling and setting up on the jig if conditions seems right, I think the jigging thing will pick up as we move later into the season,  we'll see, but I know one thing, the fish will get hungrier, meaner and bigger!!!
Tight LInes
Capt. Mauro