Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuna Report 9/15/09

Left the dock a tad late at 6:20 and got out to the grounds with lines in at 7:20.  The weed was horrendous which made for alot of pulling in the lines and keeping them clean.  An hour into it we came upon an area that looked very 'fishy' and then it all broke loose, Tuna chasing halfbeaks all around us.  Fish of all sizes were mixed together.  We made a pass around a big school of smashers and didn't get a sniff,  I'm thinking maybe we're all weeded up.  But just then the swimmer goes off and it's game on.  Fish made a smokin first run and them came to the boat quickly,  I figure it was on of the smaller ones, but then when I got a look at it, well it was one of the high 60"ers we've been catching all year, darted it and the fish just took offffff....I have never had a darted fish take so much line back (and that includes 3 granders).  We finally tail wrap and alls good, bleed and get one rig back out.  About fifteen minutes later it's game on again,  this fish was one of the smaller ones, about 50"ers and he'll grow for another day.  Rigs out again and whammo, we go tight on an Ocean Lures Slow Swimmer, smoking runs and two anglers later we boat it, 68"er, swim it and move on.  Great day on the water with a couple of really good guys.
Capt. Mauro
Kelly Ann Fishing Charters

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fishing Report 8/27/09

The Tuna fishing has been very good for the past two weeks,  many surface feeds creating quite a stir in most of the charters.  This week we had three trips,  first on out with Ralph and Tom with their two boys paid off with a nice 67"er.  Great job on the rod to them.  Next trip out we had multiple bites with fish of the same size.   Fish were everywhere crashing baits on surface with reckless abandon and then on Thurs. evening it was like someone flipped a switch because come Fri. morning we left the dock with Matt's group and the ocean was blank, nothing, nil.  It is absolutely amazing how these fish can move off.  That's fishing....   Hopefully they'll come back.  There is still plenty of bait around and the whales shows this year have been incredible.  On the inshore scene the Bluefish are in thick and  now is the time to target them.   Striped Bass fishing seems to be going through its summer doldrums but as the water temps cool they should become more active.  

Til next tide.

Capt. Mauro

Monday, August 10, 2009

8/10/2009 Fishing Report

Had quite a few Striped Bass trips this week.  They are still around and hungry as many Bass over 36" came onto the boat.  The Mackeral are still around and in very good numbers so it's the same setup as we've been doing all year.  Dena's group on Saturday were very patient and well rewarded with some big Bass.  On Sunday we were 40 miles out on a Shark Charter with Michael Harding and group.  It was first time on ocean for a few of them but they were troupers and rewarded with some very large and VERY hungry Blue Sharks.  Of course with Billy and myself every offshore adventure turns into a Tuna trip in one form or another so while we were chumming for sharks on one side of the boat we flew the kite with a livie on the other,  about noon time fish alarm on sounder goes off and Billy walks inside boat to take a look, say "Hey Mauro what do these look like?"  I reply back " those are Tuna" and as the last word is leaving my mouth the Live bait gets completely inhaled by one that was just seconds ago 75 feet deep....Game on.  Mike gets strapped into the harness and puts the fish to rest after about 45 minutes...Well done, Sushi for all tonight.  As for the sharks, we started chumming again and they started hitting everything in the water with many of them going 9-10 feet long.  Great couple days of fishing,  The tuna are here and in close, let's go......
Til next time.
Capt. Mauro

Friday, July 24, 2009

July 24th, 2009 Fishing Report

Well the great fishing we've been enjoying has not stopped. The Striped Bass fishing this week has been full of 40" fish and the Tuna have also cooperated as we caught a 75"er this week to bring to market. Hopefully the summer will finally give us some great weather in the weeks ahead. Tight lines

Capt. Mauro

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fishing Report-July 20th, 2009

Well it's been a long time since last report and I do apologize, been fishing most days lately.   The Striper fishing has been getting better by the day.  The Mackeral are back due to lack of Bluefish and the large Striped ones are hammering them.  Many trips are bringing in 40+" fish and they are getting fatter every day.  The Kelly Ann has made a couple of very successful Bluefin Tuna trips already this season.  Most of the fish seem to be in the 65" range and are great fighters....  Just a note the boat will be down in Marshfield at Green Harbor Marina for the third and possibly the last week of August so we can be closer to what has been a red hot Tuna bite this year, let me know if anyone would like to take a trip out while she's there.  Thanks and great fishing til next report.
Capt. Mauro DiBacco

Monday, June 15, 2009

6/14/2009 Fishing Report

The Striped Bass fishing has been very good up until this past Saturday when the Mackeral have seemed to disappear,  Can you say Bluefish.... but we made up for it on Sunday with Chris Q. his family and friends.   Day started out slowly but picked up as we fished the bottom of outgoing tide.  Fished seemed to liken Mackeral for bait (That's why we freeze em').  Great day on the water, not even the weather could keep this bunch down!   Good job to all!  Outside of the river, the Cod/Haddock fishing is still plugging along, one day its very good the next a slow pick.  Bluefin Tuna,  Giants and School are out there in good numbers, as the bait just seems to be everywhere....It's time to start targeting these mighty fish....Till next tide
Happy Father's Day to All
Capt. Mauro

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 25, 2009 Fishing Report

We've had a few trips this past weekend.  Offshore on a choppy Saturday produced market sized Cod, some Haddock and a few Cusk, mostly a pick all day long but plenty of fillets for all at the end of the day.  The rest of the weekend brought inshore Mackeral and Striped Bass and both showed up to the party.  Some of the biggest Mackeral I personally have ever seen....We began livelining and it wasn't too long before we had our first Striper of the season.  From that point on it was lock n load for the rest of the tide.  It's about time, long winter. 
Tight Lines,
Capt. Mauro

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fishing Report 5/19/2009

Went out today on a small charter and I actually got to do some fishing of my own.  The Cod catch was outstanding with largest to 25#, mostly on jigs.  Afterwards we went in search of some inshore Mackeral, found them a plenty.  It's all starting to happen.  For anyone intested in catching some sizeable Cod, now is the time, these fish will not linger more than a couple of weeks.  Striped Bass are increasing in numbers in the River,  we'll keep an eye out for the 'Mother Lode' to arrive. 
Tight Lines.
Capt. Mauro

Friday, April 17, 2009

First Yearly Fishing Report

First and foremost let me say I hope the new year has been joyous and healthy  for you and your family and hoping 2009 will bring many blessings to us all.
Well the Kelly Ann has been splashed and is ready for another fun filled fishing season.  Last season was one of the most productive seasons I've had yet.  There was plenty of Striped Bass, Bluefish, School Tuna and we finished with a 'bang' with a bunch of Giants up to 1100 lbs.
As of the moment we are fishing out of Cape Ann Marina in Gloucester Ma. and will be targeting Cod, Haddock and Pollock out on Stellwagon Bank.  The bite has been red hot as of late and now is the time to fill the freezer with fillets before the water warms up.  By mid to the end of May we will be moving back up into the Merrimack and will target the massive Cod that move inshore that time of the year.  Some of these Cod go upwards of 50lb.!!!!!!!  We'll also be waiting for the Mackeral to show as we know the Stripers will be right in the middle of them.  It's time to get started,  I'll be running regular charters and also split charters, so if you don't have six we can get you out fishing.  Just give me a call and we can set something up.  The cost for per person or split charters is 160.00/person, plus mates tip.  
Let's go Fishing.
Capt. Mauro DiBacco