Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuna Report 9/15/09

Left the dock a tad late at 6:20 and got out to the grounds with lines in at 7:20.  The weed was horrendous which made for alot of pulling in the lines and keeping them clean.  An hour into it we came upon an area that looked very 'fishy' and then it all broke loose, Tuna chasing halfbeaks all around us.  Fish of all sizes were mixed together.  We made a pass around a big school of smashers and didn't get a sniff,  I'm thinking maybe we're all weeded up.  But just then the swimmer goes off and it's game on.  Fish made a smokin first run and them came to the boat quickly,  I figure it was on of the smaller ones, but then when I got a look at it, well it was one of the high 60"ers we've been catching all year, darted it and the fish just took offffff....I have never had a darted fish take so much line back (and that includes 3 granders).  We finally tail wrap and alls good, bleed and get one rig back out.  About fifteen minutes later it's game on again,  this fish was one of the smaller ones, about 50"ers and he'll grow for another day.  Rigs out again and whammo, we go tight on an Ocean Lures Slow Swimmer, smoking runs and two anglers later we boat it, 68"er, swim it and move on.  Great day on the water with a couple of really good guys.
Capt. Mauro
Kelly Ann Fishing Charters