Monday, June 15, 2009

6/14/2009 Fishing Report

The Striped Bass fishing has been very good up until this past Saturday when the Mackeral have seemed to disappear,  Can you say Bluefish.... but we made up for it on Sunday with Chris Q. his family and friends.   Day started out slowly but picked up as we fished the bottom of outgoing tide.  Fished seemed to liken Mackeral for bait (That's why we freeze em').  Great day on the water, not even the weather could keep this bunch down!   Good job to all!  Outside of the river, the Cod/Haddock fishing is still plugging along, one day its very good the next a slow pick.  Bluefin Tuna,  Giants and School are out there in good numbers, as the bait just seems to be everywhere....It's time to start targeting these mighty fish....Till next tide
Happy Father's Day to All
Capt. Mauro