Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fishing Report June 29th, 2008

It's been two weeks since my last report, I apologize for last week but family keeps me on the move as I'm sure all of you with children can attest.  We've been out on numerous Striped Bass charters the past couple of weeks, some big bass were out front early last week but it was difficult to stay with them as the Bluefish have arrived and the Mackeral are thinning out.  We did manage a dozen or so in the 36-44" range last week out past the MR Buoy and up towards Hampton Shoal Ledge.  Moving into the river has brings many schoolies with a keeper here and there, great fun for the kids and anybody looking for consistent action.  The Bluefish fishing is starting to pick up as they're becoming more prevalent in Ipswich Bay and on the frontside of Plum Island.  Two Tuna trips to Stellwagon Bank produced nada but the whale show was absolutely phenomenal.  I haven't seen bait or whales at the NWC like this in 6+ years.  I feel it's going to be an outstanding Tuna season and can't wait to get back at it.  I'll be off till after the Fourth so I'll post early next week on what I hear is going on as the Kelly Ann will be at her slip while I hit the road with family.  Then it's almost nonstop for the rest of the summer.  Hope all of you have a safe and happy 4th.  Till next week.
Capt. Mauro

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekly Report, June 14,2008

Another solid week of Striped Bass Fishing.  Mackeral are still here in astounding numbers and there are more and more big Bass filtering into Ipswich Bay.  Thursdays charter with New England Management was a bit slower on the Bass side but they kept plenty busy with the Macs, Fridays charter saw a couple of Tuna hooked up with a nice fatty 125lber come over the rail.  We got a later start than normal but within thirty minutes of lines in the closest rig got absolutely slammed and we were off, the fish stayed right at the surfare and you could hear the line slicing through the water, what a great way to start the Tuna season.  It took Mark about 30 minutes and some complaining about the night before but he got the fish.  We later found massive amounts of bait and whales feeding with Tuna cruising around on top all afternoon but could only manage one bite out of all this as the Tuna fish were not very aggressive, problably had eaten their full and were just digesting.  Frustrating....But this happens quite often with early season fish.  The tuna are just starting to move in and we will start targeting them regularly from now thru Thanksgiving. Saturday's charter saw fantastic action almost limiting out on some very large Bass for Warren and crew.  Kudos to 8 year old John Taylor, I have never seen anyone as relentless as this young man jigging mackeral for a solid, and I mean solid six hours.  Last picture is of a fish we took out of a Striper's belly?  Anyone know what it is???  Till next week, tight lines....
Capt. Mauro

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fishing Report-June 6th, 2008

What a great week of Striper Fishing!  The fish are here, they are big and hungry.  Most days seen catches of 6+ fish ranging in size from 36"-44".  Macs are the ticket right now, but if you'd like to try this fishery, now is the time-soon these macs will be gone and the offhshore fish will invade local rivers.  Saturday saw limited action for Joseph and crew, we did manage some fish towards the end but had to work extremely hard for them.  Monday the action was oustanding with all big fish coming over the rail and again on Friday they were tearing through schools of mackeral.  I popped in a picture of six year old Tannah with a nice 40" er.   Till next tide. 
Capt. Mauro