Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cod/Haddock Deep Sea Fishing Report

Headed out today with Lou and his sons from Long Island. We decided to hit a couple of inshore spots on our way out, well it was a good move, the Cod and Haddock were there, we did have to fish through many 'shorts' but the keepers were coming over the gunnels at a fairly consistent rate. It was a great day to drift as the gentle SE breeze made for confortable conditions and by the end of the day Mike had his hands full with filleting. Thanks to Lou and his boys for sticking with it and the prize, plenty of fresh fillets that will last them quite a while. On the report side, the Mackeral are here, we were marking them in good numbers so it will not be long before big hungry Striped Bass are chasing them. Will be moving boat up to Newburyport this week to do our summer Striped Bass charters off the Merrimac, please visit website for information and prices if you'd like to get out after them.


Capt. Mauro